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At Reggae Street International, our mission is to bring you quality reggae music and expose, engage and promote audiences around the world. Our goal is to provide opportunities for artists to perform and display their talent in art form, by showcasing local talent as the open for international acts such as Ashton Barrett and other major reggae acts to communities, with a purpose to educate on various styles of reggae music.

We have great plans for 2018 and beyond and we are working hard to book the Spiritual Unity Tour throughout the country which consists of rising star entertainers. We have a radio show and invite everyone to like Sherman Sterling on Facebook for a daily livestream of the Reggae Street International Live TV Show, hosted by Sherman Sterling of the Sterling Brothers Band from 6:30pm - 8pm.

Reggae Music and Community Values

Arts and Culture

Reggae is a form of music for Jamaica and the world which defines nationalism and life, and creates an understanding of Jamaica's lifestyle and culture for the rest of the world.


SLS Exprrres mission is to educate the public interest to excel reggae music mainstream. The youth is important to us and we strive to educate them on the culture and history of reggae music.


We believe in developing strong families and this is factual among Jamaicans and Africans. The king's role is the economic provider, and the lioness is a role model in taking care of business and the runnings!

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